I’m totally convinced that Nadiia Petrivna is a vivid example of a truly ravishing and sumptuous teacher, whose work is, no doubt, worth to be appreciated. She always does her utmost fulfilling her professional tasks, and not because it’s her duty, but on account of that fact that she is obviously fully devoted to what she does. Such people prove that teaching is not just some kind of profession, but a real vocation.

I’ve been acquainted with Nadiia Petrivna for 3 years approximately and I can assure you that she is a highly qualified teacher and just a splendid woman. She somehow manages to combine essential professional skills (like learning and good knowledge of the subjects, sternness, fairness, systematic character, exactingness, for instance) and significant positive personal features (like benevolence, benignancy, candidness, exuberance, versatility, patience and sympathy, for example). What is more, she possesses that love for children, which the majority of our contemporary teachers (pity to admit) are lacking of, but which is exceedingly important for this profession. My personal experience of collaboration with Nadiia Petrivna has shown me that she is good at finding a common ground with her pupils and making them learn staff. My first class with her was a total flop for me as I failed to make even a trivial dialogue, and so I was sure that our further cooperation would be the same very flank. It turned out to be not as I expected as she managed to gradually endear me to her and inspire me to proceed working conscientiously with foreign languages, being focused on making a considerable progress.

Above all, I am vehemently struck by her being not indifferent to what she does. If it wasn’t for professionals like Nadiia Petrivna, there would be no improvements in our system of education. Every time when I see her she is buried under the mountain of work, preparing some projects, extracurricular activities, writing books and just doing her main work. That is all due to that fact that she sincerely cares. As far as I can tell, Nadiia Petrivna desperately longs to make a positive impact not only on her pupils but on the national system of education in general. I wish more teachers thought about the quality of education and did at least some contribution to its development. Thus, all these corroborate her boundless devotion to her cause.

In a nutshell, Nadiia Petrivna is a worthy person and a sublime teacher. She cares about what she does and, consequently, is quite good at it. Her working hard and tying to keep up with the times display her true devotion to her vocation, which personally I have deep respect for. 
July Kyrychok,
a former pupil of the lyceum (2013)

Lots of note books, mountains of textbooks and dictionaries, crowds of students, the lyceum , meetings and seminars…….All these things are associated with education, teaching and teachers. What makes a good teacher? Is it knowledge, experience, methodology or a teacher’s personality? I think that my colleague Kresan Nadiya can combine all these characteristics.

In my opinion, she is a role model for her students to follow. She is responsible and does all her best to achieve a balance in educational process. She is a careful planner with a sense of spontaneity and flexibility. It goes without saying that my colleague is colourful and memorable for both her students and the staff. The most striking thing about her is that she feels the students and is eager to learn with them. There are times when she explains and gives information and other times when she encourages her students to discover for themselves.

Teaching doesn’t end in mistakes correction. It’s the way of life full of adventures, communication, travelling, surprises and really good teachers. Teachers like Nadiya Kresan who changes her students’ lives for better leaving unforgettable feelings and the warmth of their hearts.
Svitlana Levchenko,
a teacher of English

To be honest, I did not think, that at the lyceum there would be such an awesome teacher like you. It was the first week there and I missed my teachers from school, but you helped me to adapt, to understand, that was not a mistake to enter the lyceum. 

Your lessons are very exciting and helpful. Your way of teaching helps pupils to improve their knowledge and to get interested in the subject. I would like to mention the discipline that you always keep. The thing that I like most of all is that we always can discuss some vital problems in English. You don't stick to traditional methods of teaching and you make English lessons diverse and awesome.

You are not the teacher, who forces us to be nervous and scared. And because of this we adore you. Frankly speaking, take it into consideration, that it is not a flattery, you just make me smile every time I see you. You are just an optimistic and kind person. And it is very pleasant to work at your lessons. 

I have known you for about 2 months and during this time I have been crazy about you as a teacher.  
  Alesia Nechval,
a pupil, I linguistic Grade

Nadiia Petrivna is my teacher of English and German. I am proud of her. Frankly speaking, I am fond of English language. No doubt, my teacher is too energetic, clever , brave and a hard-working woman. She always offers a helping hand and a listening ear, keeps fit and healthy, has a sense of humour.

At the lessons we learn grammar rules, discuss different topics, develop our thinking, memory, imagination, listen to records, read texts, sing songs and do exercises; we make projects and write compositions. English seems to be an easy  subject with her. 

Nadia Petrivna knows English and German perfectly well and her pronunciation is amazing. We never get bored listening to her. She is very friendly with us and we feel friendly to her. Everybody takes part in the work because it's interesting. As for me, I am keen on English, because Nadiia Petrivna teaches me. I am not even tired at her lessons and I understand grammar as clear as day. I am not afraid of making mistakes and doing difficult exercises because she always  helps me to correct them. She is competent in everything connected with these languages. I am lucky to have her as my teacher of English and German.
Vadym Babich,
a pupil, I linguistic Grade

für Frau Nadija Kresan, Englisch- und Deutschlehrerin 
am Nishyner Lyzeum
von Frau Maryna Sydorenko, Deutschlehrerin, Methodistin 
am Nishyner Lyzeum

Seit dem 1.September 2011 arbeitet Frau Kresan als Englisch- und Deutschlehrerin im Nishyner Lyzeum bei Nishyner Staatlichen Gogol-Universität, wo ich als Deutschlektorin tätig bin. Also, ich kenne Nadija schon seit 4 Jahren.
Sie hat gute Wortschatz- und Grammatikkenntnisse, interessiert sich nicht nur für Fremdsprachen, sondern auch für Sprachwissenschaft, Methodik, deutsche Kultur und Literatur.
Nadija nimmt an den Konferenzen und Seminaren aktiv teil, die an der Nishyner Staatlichen Gogol-Universität und an anderen Universitäten der Ukraine stattfinden. Hier hält sie Vorträge und nimmt an der Arbeit in den Sektionen teil. Sie hat Veröffentlichungen, die in den Materialien der wissenschaftlich-praktischen Konferenzen erschienen sind.
In diesem Jahr hatte Frau Kresan eine tolle Gelegenheit, ein Praktikum in der Gesamtschule Fröndenberg zu durchlaufen. Während des Aufenthaltes in Deutschland erlebte Nadija das heutige Land, erkundigte sich über seine aktuelle gesellschaftliche und wirtschaftliche Entwicklung. Dieses Praktikum gab Nadija gute Möglichkeiten, sich ein eigenes differenziertes Deutschlandbild zu machen. Solcher Weise kann sie sich weiter bilden und vervollkommnen. Jetzt teilt sie ihre Erfahrungen und Kenntnisse mit ihren Kollegen und den Schülern mit. Ich bin überzeugt, das erhöht die Erkenntnisaktivität der Schüler, macht den Unterricht aktueller und deutsche Sprache populärer.
Im Umgang mit ihren Kollegen und Schülern ist Nadija immer taktvoll, freundlich, lustig, humorvoll, hilfsbereit. Sie knüpft leicht Kontakte mit anderen Menschen. Nadija genießt einen guten Ruf in unserem Lyzeum.

Nishyn, den 15. Oktober 2015                                           M. Sydorenko

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