Our "Tasty" Lesson
     Recently we have had an unusual double-period with the pupils of the I linguistic and historical grades. The lesson was not only interesting and productive but also very tasty. Why not to combine English with pleasure from eating our favourite dishes, discussing the topic "My Favourite Recipe"? 
The pupils presented their "masterpieces" in different ways, answered the questions. They treated each other to cakes, pizza, stewed fruit and even Christmas pudding. Talented pupils are talented in everything!!!! 

                The Party at the Lyceum
     Having arranged the party of English songs, dancing, poetry on the 3d of November, the pupils of the lyceum got much fun. Guests from other schools were invited, they joined different games, competitions and together with others enjoyed singing karaoke, playing the guitar, listening to poems and dancing with the policeman. The party was amazing!
  The lyceum has started its work on a new great project "STEM Education". Why is it so important nowadays?
STEM education creates critical thinkers, increases science literacy, and enables the next generation of innovators. Innovation leads to new products and processes that sustain our economy. This innovation and science literacy depends on a solid knowledge base in the STEM areas. It is clear that most jobs of the future will require a basic understanding of math and science. 
                 Travel to Europe
           The best way to learn foreign languages is of course to travel. This summer the pupils of the lyceum have visited four countries: Poland, Czech Republic, Austria and Hungary. They spoke English, German and were a success. That's wonderful!!! We were impressed by architectual monuments, majestic buildings, palaces, big cities, cosy villages and just european way of life....
     30 травня в Київському регіональному центрі оцінювання якості освіти пройшло засідання експертної групи з визначення порогового балу "склав/не склав" з англійської мови. 8 представників з Чернігівської, Черкаської, Київської областей та м. Києва в ході гарячої дискусії визначили пороговий бал з англійської мови "15,9".
   Бажаємо всім випускникам успіху та високих результатів!
                  Europe Day in Nizhyn
     Europe Day is an annual  celebration of peace and unity in Europe. The activists from educational establishments of our town represented different countries, playing games, acting out, singing songs. The pupils of Nizhyn local lyceum chose Italy and did their best to tell everybody about the life in this country. The participants of this event had much fun.
                             Вітаємо з перемогою!
       З 25 по 31 березня 2017 року в Івано-Франківську пройшов ІV етап Всеукраїнської учнівської олімпіади з англійської мови. Ігор Микитенко, учень 11 класу Ніжинського ліцею Ніжинської міської ради при НДУ ім. М. Гоголя здобув диплом ІІІ ступеня.
   Ми пишаємося своїм учнем та його здобутками. Бажаємо подальших успіхів та творчої наснаги!