International Day of Children's Protection       International Day of Children's Protection is celebrated in Ukraine. This is not surprising because the children in any country are the same for all of us – they are future of the people and nation.
              The holiday was established by the Council of the International Democratic Women's Federation in Moscow on June 1, 1949, and a year later, a holiday was celebrated in the 51 other country. However, this event took place 25 years after its establishment in Geneva during the World Conference on Child Welfare. Then, on June 1, it was organized by the International Children's Day, though not kept accurate information why it was chosen this date. And after the events of the Second World War, the issue of children's well-being was acute as ever. The Paris Congress of Women in 1949, vowed to provide all possible ways of peace on Earth as the only possible way to bring prosperity and happiness to children. The socialist world is fully supported the initiative, resulting in Council of the International Democratic Women's Federation in Moscow.
       On this occasion Ukrainians organize various events. They serve not only to remind that the child weaker than adult and depends on his actions. On the same day, people especially hard trying to convey to the kids a few simple ideas: the world is not so bad, there is a place for joy and gladness, and justice always prevails. We're trying to tell them that the children are ready to help not only their parents, but also other people, and kindness can be found not only in fairy tales.

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