Art is Eternal
        Recently the pupils of the lyceum have visited Nizhyn University Picture Gallery and Gogol Museum where they could enjoy unsurpassed masterpieces of different artists and listen to the mysterious stories about Mykola Gogol's life.

The University Picture Gallery
       The picture gallery occupies three halls next to the Gogol Museum. Opened in 1957, it consists of 230 paintings by Ukrainian and West European artists of the 14th-20th centuries. The Renaissance school of painting is most vividly represented here. The paintings by the famous Byzantine, Italian, Flemish and Dutch artists, such as Carracci, Rubens, Van Laar and one of the famous paintings "Mary Magdalene", painted by Titian himself, are exhibited.

Gogol Museum

       The Gogol Museum is the oldest university museum. It was opened in 1909 on centenary anniversary of Gogol. The main aim of the museum was to elucidate for the present generations Gogol's life and his creative work of the Nizhyn period. The materials are arranged on 15 stands of the two museum rooms. The exhibits include the portraits of Gogol's parents, painted by the 19th-century artists, photocopies of the teachers and the Gymnasium students' portraits, their progress lists, textbooks and training aids of that time.

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