Top 10 Tips on Preparing for Examinations
       It's that time of the year again when pupils across the country are gearing themselves up for exams. If you feel you've left your revision too late, don't despair.                                             Follow this guide and start today!!!

Before you start
- Get organized: draw up a revision timetable of topics to cover. Stick to it and let friends and family know that you are serious, so they don't interrupt your studies.
- If you find it difficult to concentrate, don't study at home where you will be easily distracted; go to your library instead.
- Remember what you are studying for. Why do you need these exams? Keeping your long-term goal in mind will help maintain your motivation.
Studying tactics
- Go with your body clock: if you're slow in the morning, use that time to do some background reading. Do the weightier work in the afternoon.
- Don't study for more than thirty to forty minutes at a time. Take regular breaks to get enough fresh air and stretch your legs.
- Don't study too late, especially the night before your exam.
- It's important to maintain a happy, positive frame of mind.
- Eat well; have a proper meal rather than snacks.
On the day
- Allow plenty of time to get to the exam, but don't arrive too early or you'll sit around getting nervous.
- Do read the paper thoroughly before starting. It's time well spent. It's very easy to misunderstand simple instructions when you're under a lot of pressure.
- On multiple-choice exam papers, go through and do all the easy questions first then go back to the beginning and try the trickier ones.
- On essay papers, tackle the questions you feel happiest about first, so you can build up your confidence.
- Work out how much time you have for each question and pace yourself accordingly. You have nothing to gain from finishing early.
- Always keep things in proportion. The worst thing that can happen is that you'll fail. If necessary, you can usually retake an exam.
                                    (From "Cutting Edge")

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  1. These are my favourite. I like all of them. They are useful and precise.

    1. Teachers usually worry before exams not less than their pupils. They are useful and precise for both.

  2. Very useful, indeed. But still it's better not to leave the material up to the last night.

    1. Everybody knows about this rule very well. Does everybody follow it?)) Even if our pupils follow some of these rules, that will be great!

  3. I hope, these tips will help our pupils to build up their confidence, especially during External independent testing)

  4. Nadiya Petrivna you have given the good pieces of advice.One can say that you are the teacher and the good adviser at the same time.Thanks a lot for your advice!!!

  5. Vadim, thank you! I wish you to have good results at the exams!